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Tips: How to Clearance Shop!

Image via (Link) Hello Friends!, Since you all know I love clearance shopping – I thought it would be great to put together a little tip list on how I clearance shop! Tip 1: You can look, but AVOID regular priced items! Ok, I’m first to admit I’m not a fashionista. I don’t crave the…… Continue reading Tips: How to Clearance Shop!

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Tips: Canadian Cross-Border Shopping to USA!

(Image Via (Link)) At time of writing this post the exchange rate from CDN to US is pretty horrible. Usually, my Mom and I take a trip at least twice a year to the Buffalo, NY area to cross-border shop (Spring and Fall). I’ve had to do a lot of planning the last few trips…… Continue reading Tips: Canadian Cross-Border Shopping to USA!

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Mini Food Haul – Some Essentials and a Spice Tip!

Evening all!, This super tiny mini haul was from earlier in the week but hey I wanted to show it for a few little tips! Sometimes you do need to go out during the week and get fruit or something you forgot during your big shop – relax – I managed to only spend $9.00.…… Continue reading Mini Food Haul – Some Essentials and a Spice Tip!

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Where to Find Freebies/Specials!

Evening Everyone :),So I thought I would do a general post on how to get freebies from your favourite stores. The best way I have found freebies (especially for your birthday!)1. Sign up on the website of your favourite brand/product/restaurant! – All I’ve done over the last few months is sign up for weekly flyers…… Continue reading Where to Find Freebies/Specials!