Welcome to my blog! My name is Kristine (Kris as I go by) and I started FrugalKris as a new years resolution after many years of my family telling me to tell my secrets and tips on how to save money. FrugalKris was born in 2012! I’ve blogged about couponing, weekly grocery hauls, clothing, cross-border hauls and more. I’m now evolving FrugalKris into a more well-rounded blog – the savings tips and tricks will always be here – but I will also include Pinterest Recipes/Testing and I enjoy making, Photography I enjoy taking and also reviews of anything and everything that I’m interested in. So hang tight and come along on this journey with me! I currently live in Toronto ON Canada with my husband Alan and two adorable cats – Mr. Bigglesworth and Patches O’Houlihan (Yes, my husband named them….) Please subscribe to my blog via email to get my latest and greatest posts and check in with me on Social Media! ❤ Kris