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Tips: How to Clearance Shop!


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Hello Friends!,

Since you all know I love clearance shopping – I thought it would be great to put together a little tip list on how I clearance shop!

Tip 1: You can look, but AVOID regular priced items!

Ok, I’m first to admit I’m not a fashionista. I don’t crave the latest and greatest fashion trends but that’s alright. I always try to find items that make me happy and that are staple pieces for my wardrobe. Clearance items are usually from the previous season – sometimes they are cleared out at the end of a season but could already be going into the next one. Remember – anything that is regular priced now – will almost always go on sale at least and usually clear out a few months later.

Tip 2: ALWAYS head to the back of the store!

It’s great to see the cute new items come in that’s why they are marketed to you in the front of the store – remember those are always regular priced items – you need to make your way to the back of the store. Most clearance or sales items will be tucked away in the back or along a wall that isn’t visible from the front of the store. So yes – you are almost always forced to browse though the regular priced things but remember – the best is at the back!

Tip 3: Subscribe via Email to your fave store!

Yes, this can make your email a non-stop flow of marketing emails but sometimes they are the best way to find out about upcoming sales. Many stores send coupons and sometimes advanced access to sales online or in store through email loyalty. One of my fave stores is Forever21! I always get great heads up on Sales/BOGOs/Clearance/Free Shipping offers and they are directly shared with me via email! This is also great for cross-border shopping too! Getting advised of coupons and in store sales when you are heading South is awesome!

Tip 4: Notice an issue with a clothing item you can fix? Ask for more off!

I find this tip works better for me in the US then in Canada but it has worked for me in both. In my Summer 2016 clothing haul, I picked up a dress from Abercrombie which the fabric had come apart from seam – very easy fix – so I asked for something off it and they gave it to me! Remember don’t just buy something because it’s a great deal – If you can fix it or get someone to fix it for you the item can be a great buy!

Tip 5: Clearance Shopping heats up at the end of a “retail” season!

Seasons tend to come out a few months before they actually start. For example, Fall clothing is usually out in full force in the stores in August – hence mid to late July is a great time to start looking for Summer deals. This means you can still wear some of the things you find especially if it is a warmer fall!

Hope these tips help you in your clearance shopping adventures! Happy Saving!


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