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Tips: Canadian Cross-Border Shopping to USA!


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At time of writing this post the exchange rate from CDN to US is pretty horrible. Usually, my Mom and I take a trip at least twice a year to the Buffalo, NY area to cross-border shop (Spring and Fall). I’ve had to do a lot of planning the last few trips to try and stretch my dollar! So here are my tips for planning out your cross-border shopping trips!

Tip 1: Look for Coupons!

You can always print US coupons. Check out;; for a wide range of coupons. But also search company websites for coupons – many are linked through Facebook or the portals mentioned above for just liking their sites or signing up for marketing emails!

Tip 2: Sign Up for Reward Programs!

Just because you are from Canada doesn’t mean you can’t sign up! I have reward program cards from Kohl’s, Plenti (Macy’s, Rite Aid), CVS and Walgreen’s! Perks include loading coupons to your card and just scanning your card or providing your phone number when you are at the register! Super easy! You can sign up in store and they are always free!

Tip 3: Check Online for Flyers!

All major stores offer local flyers online. This helps you plan your trip easily! Most store flyers are Sunday to Saturday but department stores usually do perks on Friday Nights through Sunday and sometimes timed deals so do make sure to check when you can! Also know the zip code of area you are traveling too – it will help with searching local flyers. Bonus if you are in the US on Sundays – Pick up a Sunday Paper – they include all local flyers for the week and coupons!!!!!

Tip 4: Get the Target Cartwheel App!

I miss Target Canada 😦 but I am able to get my Target fix while visiting the US. Best part – every store has Free Wifi! You can easily check you Cartwheel on the go! The app allows you to add % off offers on items within the store. They usually offer more than 500+ offers weekly. They have a scanning of barcode feature that brings up any offers pertaining to the products you scan! Super simple! Find out more information HERE!

5. Remember Your Limits!

As a Canadian, you are allowed to bring home a specific amount from the US without paying duty or taxes on your purchases. Always check what the current limits are through here and keep in mind how long you are physically staying in the US to determine your limits.

Hopefully these help you in your next cross-border shopping adventure! Happy Saving! 🙂 ❤ Kris


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