Savings Sunday! Metro & Fresh Co. Cheap Bread, Eggs and More!

Hello All!,
Been a busy few weeks! But here we go with this week’s haul! Spent $57.66!

Deals of the Week!
Fruit and Veg!

Great prices this week! Bananas have dropped to .57 cents/lb at Fresh Co. Also PMed Broccoli for .87 cents/lb and Tomatoes were .88 cents/lb at Fresh Co.
Bread and Eggs!

Great deal on Eggs this week at Foodland $1.98! Cheaper than the two-day Shoppers Drug Mart Sale! Woohoo! Also grabbed Light Rye on sale at Fresh Co. for $1.69 ( – .25 cent Zweet = $1.44 final!) and Tortilla’s for $2.79! and 4 Croissants from Metro for $1.99! Yummie!
Meat for the Week!

Picked up two packages of Boneless Skinless Chicken for $12.50/package! Hubby’s lunches for one and some experimenting with the other??!?! Also Pork Tenderloin for $8.50 for a meal this week too! I have a few leftover packages of ground beef in the freezer for other meals to complete this week’s menu 🙂
More Price Matching!

Unico Tomatoes for .87 cents/each PMed to Fortino’s; Kraft Salad Dressing for $1.98 (Loblaws); and Diana’s Sauce for $1.68! (Cheapest I’ve ever seen!) at Metro!
Best deals over the last two weeks!

Also did my groceries the last two weeks – here are the highlight items I picked up! A SCOP at Fresh Co. on these tortilla strips! $1.99 on sale rang in at $2.49! FREE! Almond Milk for $2.99 at Metro. And the week before used two $1.00 off coupons to pick up Yogourt for .99 cents for 12 and Whipped Cream for $1.99!
Total Savings with Coupons, Price Matching, Zweet and Air Mile: $9.08!
Happy Saving Everyone!


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