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Where to Find Freebies/Specials!

Evening Everyone :),

So I thought I would do a general post on how to get freebies from your favourite stores. The best way I have found freebies (especially for your birthday!)

1. Sign up on the website of your favourite brand/product/restaurant! – All I’ve done over the last few months is sign up for weekly flyers and specials – most companies have these all you have to do is provide your email and voilà you start getting monthly/weekly/daily emails from companies.

2. Always enter your birthday! – some companies offer you on your birthday – Freebies! Make sure though you have to sign up for offers a good 1-2 weeks before it allows the time for the freebies/coupons to come to you!

3. Ask the store or company by email if they offer anything. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Sometimes offers go unadvertised. For example, when I bought my first cell on a plan – I was given a great deal because I wasn’t a customer of the store yet. There can be great deals to be had if you leave your email, comment to a company or even walk into a store!

4. Look for great websites! My personal favourite is! This place has everything! A community site that offers members the ability to post up deals and let you know about them in your area is fantastic! Join and discuss or just read and take advantage of the deals! Best of all – Free!

Well those are my tips!:
For my B-day I got 3 Freebies!
1. Free 12 oz coffee from Timothy’s Coffee (not a b-day freebie but so happened the coupon sent to me after signing up on their website!)
2. Free Dozen bagels from What a Bagel – Toronto-based bakery, just walk in with a piece of I.D. with your B-day on it and voilà – they give you a free dozen bagels!
3. Free Dessert from the KEG! I know – not the best freebie – I got many a coupons for free meals from companies but my family enjoys this restaurant – got a free Dessert with my meal!

Let me know what sites you enjoy and what awesome freebies you get!

Follow me on Twitter – I tweet a lot of great deals through there! @FrugalKris

Happy Saving!


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